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Posted on September 24, 2010 at 12:11 pm by Eb the Celeb No Comment

It took me a couple days to comment because I am a bit biased but I’m sure by now you all have heard that Lyfe Jennings was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison. If you haven’t here’s video that explains exactly what happened.
Now in no way am I condoning what he did. It was wrong of him being a felon to have a gun on him yes, it was wrong of him to kick the door down of his baby moms (despite the fact that she wouldn’t let him see his kids) YES, and it was also wrong of him to flee from police when being confronted. YES! Alcohol makes you do things that you wouldn’t do if you were sober and you shouldn’t drink when you are already in an emotionally charged state but even the best of us fall victim to drinking our worries away. That also is not making an excuse for his actions. I just feel the sentencing was a bit much!

Since this event happened 2 years ago I do feel that other things should have been taken into consideration. Lyfe has changed a lot in those 2 years and it doesn’t take everyone to be locked up for them to change. Prime example T.I. got a year and is still out doing the same things and may get locked up again. Now no I don’t know him personally, but I had the pleasure of meeting Lyfe and hanging with him a couple times and his spirit is one of the most kind and genuine that I have ever seen in my life. I’m a great judge of character and have predicted many snakes in the grass to prevent from being bitten and in no way is he a snake. I think it’s outrageous that he was given 3.5 years especially all the things he’s done since the incident happened. Things that were done from the heart and not to make his image look better when it was time for sentencing.

Then the fact that so many other celebrities get to decide when they are going to go in and they took him straight from sentencing to Cobb County jail is preposterous. He asked the judge for 30days to spend time with his family and to finish the tour that he is on so that he doesn’t let down his fans and that motion was denied. Yet a Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan get to serve their jail time around their work schedules.

I guess he didn’t have the right lawyers. He should have gotten one that specializes in getting those a “year and a day” sentences. My thoughts and prayers are with Lyfe and his family and even though he said this album would be his last I hope he’ll be writing up a storm while in jail and hit us with the best album ever written when he gets out. Only 1.5 years is mandatory so I’m hoping this will be by 2012.

Keep your head up! If you missed my interview with him you can go HERE and make sure you pick up his new album “I Still Believe.” It’s a great album. You can check out my review of it HERE.

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