Artists cover and remix Beyonce 4 album tracks featuring K. Michelle, Melodi J, Kali Akeylah, Ruth Sariah and Dondia

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First up K. Michelle remixes Beyonce “Best Thing I Never Had” and calls it “Worst Man I Ever Had.”

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A name you may not have heard before but need to get familiar with is Melodi J. The girl can blow. Check out her cover of Beyonce “1+1″

 Another chick who’s name you probably don’t know but I love the tone of her voice. Check out Maiya B covering “1+1″ as well.

This next chick Kali Akeylah covered “End Of Time” and I really love her energy.

 The best cover of “Countdown” goes out to Ruth Sariah. Check her out:

Last but not least Dondria continues what got her her record deal in the first place. Singing covers on youtube and here she sings the hell out of Beyonce “1+1″

And Beyonce has taken over my being. I’ve gotten to the point that the only songs I skip over on her album are”1+1″ “I Was Here” and “Run The World.” besides those songs she has sold me on 4 when I initially only fell in love with 5 stand out gems in “Love On Top” “I Miss You” “Best Thing I Never Had” “Party” and “End of Time.” I fought that “Countdown” record because I had the break in the song when they start counting but the rest of that track is perfection. And I’m always a sucka for a ballad so it was only a matter of time before “Rather Die Young” and “Start Over” grew on me. So go get that 4 album if you still don’t have it!

Side note… while researching for this post I realized there is a lot of fuckery on youtube. People CANNOT sing but stay putting themselves up there singing songs. Whew lawd my ears bled a lot. Took forever to find these couple of people that actually did her songs some justice.

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